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Where We Bend Over Backwards to Place Great Coaches!

Connecting Gyms with Coaches Who Fit Their Culture Nation Wide!

Welcome to Flip Gymnastics, where we bend over backwards to place coaches in their dream job! We work closely with gym owners to curate private listings about job openings within the sport - whether it is for recreational coaches, team coaches, or even open management roles. Our database is discreet and private and provides coaches the opportunity to be placed in their dream job even when not seeking new employment. We hope to help you springboard to the next level in your career or perhaps find you a gym home where you can flourish.  No matter your current experience level, or your aspirations. We are here for you!  

Flip Out, Lucy & Sarah


Flip Gymnastics Services

Serving as Your Liaison Between Qualified Coaching Candidates and Hiring Managers/Gym Owners


Opportunity for Coaches

In order to best place you in your dream position, we ask that fill out the following survey as accurately as possible. Once completed, we will house you in our database and make you aware of any open opportunities that we believe you would be well matched with. Note that this database is completely private. 

Opportunity for Gym Owners

With a combined 25+ years of industry experience, we understand the hiring process and the difficulties it can create. Our only goal is to match high level talent with gyms and studios that are culturally aligned. We fully screen all candidates and ensure that they are a high quality match!



Questions about the process? Looking for more information? Submit a form request and we guarantee a response in 24 hours.

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Thanks for submitting!

Pricing & Plans

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$0 For Coaches

It will always be 100% free for coaches to fill our our dream job questionnaire! We want to help YOU find the best fit where you can make largest impact in the lives of upcoming athletes.

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$79.99 for Gym Owners

Gym Owners pay $79.99/month* to list all open positions including Pre-School Recreational coaching, Developmental, Competitive, and Director roles. 

*30-day cancellation noticed required
  • How Do You Ensure Long-Term Placement?
    For the first year, we ensure quarterly touch bases with both the candidate and manager to create a healthy culture with 180 degree feedback and improvement plan.
  • What is Flip Gymnastics?
    Flip Gymnastics is here to facilitate the hiring of talented and experienced gymnastics coaches into studios which where they can thrive. Our goal is to place coaches in their DREAM Position! While this format exists in other industries, Sarah and Lucy, saw the need for it in the gymnastics world! For some, coaching is a job, for others it is a career that they are passionate about! We want to help match driven, fully-vetted coaches with programs where they can make the largest impact on athletes.
  • What Happens When You Find a Match?
    When a candidate pops up who seems to be a good match, schedule a pre-interview with them to review their questionnaire. Upon completion of the pre-interview, we fully vet the candidate by reaching out to references, verifying all current certifications, and pulling meet history where relevant. If deemed to be a high quality match, we will connect the candidate and gym owner.
  • How Much Does it Cost in Total?
    It costs owners $79.99/month to list open positions on our site. Our mission is long-term placement for both parties. As such, in the event of successful hiring, Flip Gymnastics retains a small stipend.
  • Can You Cancel Whenever You Want?
    There is a 30-day cancellation policy. There is also a 60-day freeze option that can be utilized one time per calendar year.
  • Is Your Database of Coaches Private?
    Yes, our coaches database is discrete and private. Only employees of Flip Gymnastics who have signed an NDA have access to the full database. When a match is found, we will reach out to the coach directly to find out if it is an opportunity they wish to further pursue.
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